Family Law Scenario: Relocation Case

Mia and Tom divorced a few years ago. Mia has primary custody of their two boys, age 10 and 12. Tom has regular visitation and is very involved in the boys’ lives. Mia is a successful cardiologist in Houston but she has recently been offered a teaching position with Harvard Medical School. This is a great opportunity for her and her boys. Tom is opposed to the move. These are extremely tough cases. Even though both parents are very involved in the kids’ lives, each side has several good arguments to make to the court. The law is still developing but there is a case that lists several factors the court has to consider.

Regardless of which position you are in, our firm understands the complexities associated with a contested relocation lawsuit. We are tried and won several of these including one where the court allowed our client to move overseas with her child. We are experienced in advocating for parties on both sides of the fence and know what a court will find most persuasive.