Family Law Scenario: Reimbursement

Reimbursement is a very complex and technical issue. The simplest way to explain is via an example:

Take Lisa, for example. Right after college, she inherits a house from her parents, which is her separate property. She gets married to Steve and the couple spends over $100,000.00 of community funds to fix the house. They buy a new roof, new tiles, fix the plumbing, etc. After several years of marriage, Lisa and her husband are getting a divorce. Although the house is her separate property, it is clear that the couple spent a considerable amount of money improving it. The community estate (or maybe the husband’s separate estate if he used his own money to fix the house) may have a valid for reimbursement claim for the money spent fixing the wife’s separate property.

Our firm is prepared to help you determine if there is a reimbursement action to be pursued. It often times requires the help of a financial expert. We have the skill set and determination to effectively handle your reimbursement claim.