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Child Support Texas – What you need to know.

In Texas, Child support payments are provided by one spouse to the other spouse to help with the cost of a child’s food, housing, clothing, transportation, education, and entertainment.

Child support statistics

The estimated overall costs of raising a child in the United States varies from $200,000 up to $250,000. According to the national Census Bureau data, in 2011:

  • The average child support payment was $3,771;

  • 49% of the 14.4 million custodial parents were awarded child support;

  • Only 19% of the 14.4 million actually received the total amount they were entitled to. *


Child support case vocabulary

During a child support case, you’ll hear many terms, other than “mother” and “father.” So you should know from the start that:

  • “Non-custodial parent” or “non-custodial party” is also known as the “obligor” and refers to the parent who owes the child support;
  • “Custodial parent” or “custodial party” is also known as the “oblige” and refers to the parent who receives the money.


Child support orders

With divorce rates reaching historical levels, an increased number of fathers deal with child support issues. Child support orders can result in different situations, such as paternity actions, divorces, or as a part of any Suit that Affects the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR). Either way, when seeking child support, a petition has to be filed. The Attorney General’s Office may be able to provide assistance through the Child Support Review Process.

Child support calculator

The amount owed is based on the obligor’s net monthly income. The maximum net resources for applying child support formula is $8550 per month. The withheld amount is based on the following guidelines:

  • 20 % of net resources for one child;
  • 25 % of net resources for two children;
  • 30 % of net resources for three children;
  • 35 % of net resources for four children;
  • 40 % of net resources for five children;
  • Not less than 40 % of net resources for six children.

3-step child support amount overview

Step 1. Determine net resources (100% of income, regardless of the source: wage, interest, dividends, bonuses, rental income, disability compensation benefits).

Step 2. Deduct the specific items from the net income (such as: federal and state income tax, social security taxes, health insurance for the child in question and union dues).

Step 3. Apply the above percentages, but only for net incomes up to $8,550.

Subsequent changes

If the non-custodial parent has other children to support, the amount will be adjusted accordingly.

In case your earning potential is negatively affected or you lose your job, you should:

  • seek legal advice as you may have to file a motion to modify;
  • provide evidence of your change in income;

If approved, this will only affect future payments and not the back payments you owed. That’s why you need to act promptly and seek legal assistance right away.

For non-custodial parents who remarry:

  • Your new financial duties will not decrease the amount of your child support obligation;
  • Your new spouse’s income will not be taken into account or used for increasing child support payments.

If the custodial parent decides to allow the child to live with the non-custodial parent, you should seek legal counsel to either: ·        Cancel the child support obligation; ·        Change the primary custody; ·        Ask for the child support duties to be paid by the custodial parent (who became a non-custodial).  We are ready to handle your case

Due to the complexity of the process, it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice.

For years, we have been helping parents from Harris, Brazoria, Galveston, and Fort Bend counties to understand the specific circumstances of their child support situation.

At The Dieye Firm, we guide you through the legal hassle, we educate you, so you can make the right decision. We always keep you informed with your case’s progress and we return your calls within 24 hours. Have your child support case managed quickly and efficiently!


*source: Child Support: An Overview of Census Bureau Data on Recipients

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